2008 Technical Reports

[31] Jorge A. Sanchez, Eduardo Destefanis, Reinhard Klette, and Sandino Morales.Affine Shape Adaptation of Blobs Moving in 3D Space

[30] Sandino Morales, Tobi Vaudrey, and Reinhard Klette.An In-Depth Robustness Evaluation of Stereo Algorithms on Long Stereo Sequences

[29] Thomas R. James and Reinhard Klette.The Topology of Incidence Pseudographs

[28] Zhifeng Liu and Reinhard Klette.Dynamic Programming Stereo on Real-World Sequences

[27] Tobi Vaudrey, Andreas Wedel, Clemens Rabe, Jens Klappstein, and Reinhard Klette.Evaluation of Moving Object Segmentation Comparing 6D-Vision and Monocular Motion Constraints

[26] Ali Al-Sarraf, Tobi Vaudrey, Reinhard Klette, and Young Woon Woo.An Approach for Evaluating Robustness of Edge Operators on Real-World Driving Scenes

[25] Tobi Vaudrey, Clemens Rabe, Reinhard Klette, and James Milburn.Differences Between Stereo and Motion Behaviour on Synthetic and Real-World Stereo Sequences

[24] Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette.Approximate Algorithms for Touring a Sequence of Polygons

[23] Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette.Approximate Shortest Path Calculations in Simple Polyhedra

[22] Jens Klappstein, Tobi Vaudrey, Clemens Rabe, Andreas Wedel, and Reinhard Klette.Moving Object Segmentation using Optical Flow and Depth Information

[21] Reinhard Klette.Stereo-Vision-Support for Intelligent Vehicles – The Need for Quantified Evidence

[20] Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette.Adaptive Mean Shift-Based Clustering

[19] Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette.About the Calculation of Upper Bounds for Cluster Recovery Rates

[18] Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette.Recovery Rate of Clustering Algorithms

[17] Shushi Guan, Reinhard Klette, and Young W. Woo.Belief Propagation for Stereo Analysis of Night-Vision Sequences

[16] Simon Hermann, Reinhard Klette, and Eduardo Destefanis.Inclusion of a Second-Order Prior into Semi-Global Matching

[15] Ralf Haeusler, Reinhard Klette, and Fay Huang.Monocular 3D Reconstruction of Objects Based on Cylindrical Panoramas

[14] Jorge A. Sanchez, Reinhard Klette, and Eduardo Destefanis.Estimating 3D Flow for Driver Assistance Applications 

[13] Zhifeng Liu and Reinhard Klette.Approximated Ground Truth for Stereo and Motion Analysis on Real-World Sequences

[12] Bok-Suk Shin, Eui-Young Cha, Kwang-Baek Kim, Kyoung-Won Cho, Reinhard Klette, and Young Woon Woo.  Effective Feature Extraction by Trace Transform for Insect Footprint Recognition

[11] Andreas Wedel, Clemens Rabe, Tobi Vaudrey, Thomas Brox, Uwe Franke, and Daniel Cremers.Efficient Dense Scene Flow from Sparse or Dense Stereo Data

[10] Tobi Vaudrey, Daniel Gruber, Andreas Wedel and Jens Klappstein.Space-Time Multi-Resolution Banded Graph-Cut for Fast Segmentation

[9] Reinhard Klette and Zhifeng Liu.Computer Vision for the Car Industry

[8] Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette.Calculating the Number of Tunnels

[7] Fay Huang, Reinhard Klette, and Yun-Hao Xie.Pose Estimation for Sensors Which Capture Cylindric Panoramas

[6] Hernan Badino, Tobi Vaudrey, Uwe Franke, and Rudolf Mester.Stereo-based Free Space Computation in Complex Traffic Scenarios