2018 Conferences

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Akira Nakamura Award 2018

Akira Nakamura, professor emeritus of Hiroshima University, provides an annual award of 30,000 Japanese Yen for students involved in computer vision projects at CeRV. This award goes to the student who is the first to forward to Professor Klette an email about an accepted paper (with being the leading author) at one of the leading annual computer vision conferences. If there is only a time difference of less than 1 hour between notifications, then the award is shared between notifying students. For 2018, the relevant conferences are CVPR, ECCV, ACCV, IEEE Symp. IV, ICIP, ITSC, AVSS, and ICPR (main conferences or workshops).

The Akira Nakamura Award went in 2017 to Noor Saleem for a paper at CAIP, in 2016 to Hsiang-Jen (Johnny) Chien for a paper at ICPR, in 2015 to Dongwei Liu for a paper at CAIP, in 2014 to Mahdi Rezaei and Simon Hermann for papers at CVPR, to Ralf Haeusler in 2013 for a paper at CVPR, to Ralf Haeusler in 2012 for a paper at an ECCV workshop, to Mahdi Rezaei in 2011 for a paper at CAIP, and to Simon Hermann and Konstantin Schauwecker in 2010 for papers at PSIVT.