2014 Technical Reports

[101] Dongwei Liu and Reinhard Klette.Stereo Refinement for Photo Editing

[100] Ali AlSarraf, Bok-Suk Shin, and Reinhard Klette.Ground Truth and Performance Evaluation of Lane Border Detection

[99] Haokun Geng, Radu Nicolescu, and Reinhard Klette.Egomotion Estimation by Point-Cloud Back-Mapping

[98] Joanna Wisniewska, Mahdi Rezaei, and Reinhard Klette.Robust Eye Gaze Estimation

[97] Michal Daniluk, Mahdi Rezaei, Radu Nicolescu, and Reinhard Klette.Eye Status Based on Eyelid Detection: A Driver Assistance System

[96] Junli Tao and Reinhard Klette.Part-based RDF for Direction Classification of Pedestrians, and a Benchmark

[95] Hsiang-Jen Chien, Haokun Geng and Reinhard Klette.Visual Odometry based on Transitivity Error Analysis in Disparity Space – A Third-eye Approach

[94] Dongwei Liu and Reinhard Klette.Matting-Based Stereo Refinement for Computational Photography

[93] Xu He, Zhengping Wang, Bok-Suk Shin and Reinhard Klette.Defined Human Pose Detection for Video Surveillance

[92] Haokun Geng, Johnny Chien, Radu Nicolescu, and Reinhard Klette.Incremental Structured ICP Algorithm

[91] Muhammad Saad Malik and Reinhard Klette.Automatic Detection and Segmentation of License Plates

[90] Johnny Chien.CALIBN – A Multiocular Camera Calibration Tool

[89] Reinhard Klette.Computer Vision in Vehicles – A Brief Introduction – 

[88] Zhengping Wang, Bok-Suk Shin, and Reinhard Klette.Accurate Human Silhouette Extraction in Video Data by Shadow Evaluation 

[87] Zhengping Wang.A Review on Cameras Available in the .enpeda.. Group

[86] Simon Hermann.Evaluation of Scan-Line Optimization for 3D Medical Image Registration