Reinhard Klette
Keynote at 3rd World Conference on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, June 2020, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Reinhard Klette
Keynote at International Symposium on Pervasive Systems, Algorithms, and Networks (I-SPAN 2019), September 2019, Naples, Italy
Reinhard Klette.
Keynote at ICCCV, June 2019, Jeju, South Korea

Reinhard Klette. Towards Self-driving Cars: Test Fields, Visual Odometry, Stixels and Road Surface Analysis
Keynote at International Computer Symposium, December 2018, Yunlin, Taiwan

Reinhard Klette. Mono-, Bi-, or Tri-nocular Vision for Self-driving Cars
Keynote at AI&Robotics, April 2018, Qazvin, Iran

Reinhard Klette.
Keynote at ISICS, March 2018, Merida Mexico

Noor Haitham Saleem, Hsiang-Jen Chien and Reinhard Klette.
Keynote at IVCNZ17, Christchurch, December 2017, New Zealand

Wei Qi Yan. Intelligent Surveillance.
Keynote at IWDCF, Nanchang, November 2017, China

Reinhard Klette. Towards Autonomous Driving: Vision-based Driver Assistant Systems
Keynote at CST, Guilin, May 2017, China

Wei Qi Yan. Privacy Preservation for Social Media.
Keynote at IWDCF, Nanjing, December 2016, China

Reinhard Klette. Monocular Computer Vision for Driver Assistance.
Keynote at IVCNZ, Hamilton, November 2014, New Zealand

Reinhard Klette. Current Advances in Vision-based Driver Assistance.
Keynote at ICCVG, Warsaw, September 2014, Poland

Reinhard Klette. The Big Data Challenge in Vision-Based Driver Assistant Systems.
Keynote at ICM, Data Sciences, Dalian, July 2014, China

Reinhard Klette. 3D Streetside Reconstruction from a Car
Keynote at IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium, Goldcoast, June 2013, Australia

Reinhard Klette. Computer Vision for Road Safety
Opening keynote (co-authored by Simon Hermann, Sandino Morales, Mahdi Rezaei, and Konstantin Schauwecker) at ICETCE, Lushan, April 22-24, 2011, China

Reinhard Klette. Large-Scale Imaging – From Remote Sensing to Close Range
Opening keynote (co-authored by Anko Boerner and Fay Huang) at ICEICE, Wuhan, April 15-17, 2011, China

Reinhard Klette. Progress and Challenges in Vision-Based Driver Assistant Systems
Keynote at IVCNZ, Queenstown, 2010, New Zealand

Reinhard Klette. Current Challenges in Vision-Based Driver Assistant Systems
Keynote at IWCIA, Playa del Carmen, November 24-27, 2009, Mexico

Reinhard Klette. Panoramic and 3D Computer Vision
Keynote at International Conference on Arts and Technology, 24-25 September 2009, Yi-Lan, Taiwan

Reinhard Klette. Stereo and Motion Analysis of Long Stereo Image Sequences for Vision-Based Driver Assistance
Keynote at DAGM 2009, 9-11 September 2009, Jena University, Germany

Reinhard Klette. Discrete Driver Assistance
Keynote at International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology, 24-27 August 2009, Groningen University, The Netherlands

Reinhard Klette. Stereo-Vision-Based Driver Assistance – Predict Situations and Automatically Adapt to Traffic –
Keynote at Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 3-5 December 2008, Auckland, New Zealand

Reinhard Klette. Panoramic Imaging: Theory and Applications
Keynote (co-authored by Fay Huang and Karsten Scheibe)
II Congreso Internacional en Expresión Gráfica en Ingeniería y Arquitectura, November 7 – 9, Cordoba, Argentina

Reinhard Klette. Challenges of Wireless Digital Video – A Computer Vision Perspective
Keynote (with contributions by Ji Sun, Stefan Gehrig et al., Chris Croft and Paul Dewar, and Felix Woelk et al.)
2nd Int. IEEE Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking, and Mobile Computing
Wuhan, China on September 22-24, 2006

Reinhard Klette. Combinations of Range Data and Panoramic Images – New Opportunities in 3D Scene Modeling –
Opening Keynote (co-authored by K. Scheibe)
Int. IEEE Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging and Vision
Beijing, China on July 26 – 29, 2005

Reinhard Klette. Modeling 3D Scenes: Paradigm Shifts in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Computer Vision
Keynote (co-authored by R. Reulke)
Int. IEEE Conference on Systems and Signals (ICSS)
Kaohsiung, Taiwan on April 28-29, 2005 (see also CITR-TR-155)

Reinhard Klette. Combinatorics on Adjacency Graphs and Incidence Pseudographs
Keynote, 9th Int. Workshop on “Parallel and Combinatorial Image Analysis”
May 2003, Palermo/Italy

Reinhard Klette. Digital Geometry (pdf file, 805K)
Keynote talk, 6th “Joint Conference on Information Sciences”
11 March 2002, Durham, North Carolina/U.S.A.

Reinhard Klette. Wide-Angle Image Acquisition, Analysis and Visualisation (pdf file, 4915K)
Keynote, Int. Conference “Vision Interface 2001″
8 June 2001, Ottawa/Canada
see: R. Klette, G. Gimel’farb, R. Reulke: Wide-angle image acquisition, analysis and visualization.
Proc. 14th Internat. Conf. “Vision Interface” (VI’2001), Ottawa, Canada, June 2001, 114-125.