2022 News

Our Excellent Student Passed His PhD Defence

Posted on May 3, 2022

We are pleased to release the news that our PhD student Robert Le, successfully defended his thesis: “Synthetic data annotation for enhancing the experiences of augmented reality application based on machine learning.” Dr. Le received his Bachelor degree from the University of Auckland and his master’s degree from us. During his PhD study, Dr. Le has fully engaged in his PhD project, published 14 research articles including CORE A papers, and received a pile of accolades. Our sincere congratulations to Robert and his family, we wish him all success in his future endeavours.

Top Computer Science Scientists in New Zealand

Posted on March 4, 2022

CeRV welcomes the new edition of top scientists ranking for computer science. In the latest list of the “top computer science scientists in New Zealand” for 2022, two professors from our University have made tremendous progress since last year. Professor Kasabov (Life FIEEE, FRSNZ, & FINN) is sitting at the second position, our late Professor Klette (FRSNZ), the founding director of CeRV centre is positioning at No. 8 in New Zealand. This is a tribute to the legacy of Prof. Klette. CeRVers are proud of their enormous research impact. The ranking contains h-index, publications, and citations collected on December 2021. The list provides an opportunity for our community to discover and identify who are leading experts in computer science research. See: research.com/scientists-rankings/computer-science/nz

The Head of CSSE Department

Posted on February 18, 2022

The deputy director of CeRV research centre Dr Minh Nguyen has been recently appointed as the Head of CSSE Department of this school. Dr Nguyen joined this centre in 2015 and experienced his career as a Lecturer and a Senior Lecturer as well as an Associate Professor in 2021. Minh has multiple contributions and played his pivotal roles in numerous international conferences organised by this centre. Minh has received a series of research grants from multiple fundations, he has a group of international collaborators from USA, Germany, Japan, Chile, and Vietnam. Congratulations for our deputy director to realise his great progression and recognition.