Staff & PhD Students


Academic Staff

PhD Students (Supervisors)

Arpita Dawda (M. Nguyen, L. Huang)
Accurate 3D Measurement for Quality Control Program of Large-Scaled Production Line.

Yue Ding (J. Ruan, W. Yan)

Enhancing General Game Playing with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Nidhi Gowdra (R. Sinha, W. Yan)

Combining Genetic Algorithms and Deep Neural Networks to Explore Training Effectiveness

Sajith Jamal (N. Kasabov, W. Yan)

SNN and CNN Systems for Adaptive Speech Recognition

Nam Huu Le (L. Huang, X. Li)
Coverage and Trajectory Planning of UAVs

Robert Le (M. Nguyen, W. Yan)

Embedding Decoded Information in the Graphical Content and Potential Application Domains

Xiaoxu Liu (W. Yan, N. Kasabov)

Vehicle-Related Scene Understanding

Jia Lu (W. Yan, M. Nguyen)
Human Behaviour Recognition Using Deep Learning

Solmaz Mansouri (H. Gholamhosseini, A. Lowe)
A Novel Approach for Ubiquitous and Continues Blood Pressure Monitoring using Reliable and Wireless Devices

Mostafa Nikpour (L. Huang)
State Estimation from Inertia Measurements for Mobile Robots and UAVs

Antonius FM Paijens (L. Huang, A. Al-Jumaily)
Localisation of Mobile Robots for Precision Manufacturing

Clarence Tan (N. Kasabov, W. Yan)
Human Facial Emotion Analysis

Manju Vallayil (P. Nand, W. Yan)

Applying Deep Learning for Large Scale Project Evaluation and Monitoring

Bingjie Xiao (W. Yan, M. Nguyen)

Fruits Ripeness Classification Using Deep Learning

Alex Zhu (W. Yan, R. Sinha)

Return-Oriented Programming: Attack, Evasion, and Defence