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PhD Students (Supervisors)

Solmaz Mansouri (Hamid Gholamhosseini, Andrew Lowe)
A novel approach for ubiquitous and continues blood pressure monitoring using reliable and wireless devices

Mahmoud Al-Sarayreh (R. Klette, W. Yan)
Hyperspectral Imaging for the Food Industry

Jaishankar Bharatharaj (L. Huang, A. Al-Jumaily)
On Parrot Inspired Companion Robots for Autistic Children

Amita Dhiman (R. Klette, W. Khan – Weltec)
Road Surface Distress Detection and Analysis Using Computer Vision

Antonius FM Paijens (L. Huang, A. Al-Jumaily)
Localization of mobile robots for precision manufacturing

Wei Cui (W. Yan, N. Kasabov)
Fast Moving Object Recognition

Ngaire Hart (L. Huang, R. Pears)
Monitoring New Zealand Native Bees – a Collaborative Approach using Image Analysis

Jonas Hilty (S. Leuzinger, R. Klette)
Changes in Plant Population at Various Scales

Nam Huu Le (L. Huang, X. Li)
Coverage and Trajectory Planning of UAVs

Zahra Moayed (R. Klette, W. Yan)
Vision-based Safety Analysis for Traffic Participants at Road Intersections

Syeda Fouzia (R. Klette, F. Huang – National Ilan University, Taiwan)
Video Analysis for Warehouse Scenes Showing Forklifts or Pedestrians

Noor Haitham Saleem Al-Ani (R. Klette, M. Rezaei – Qazvin Islamic Azad University, Iran)
Semantic Segmentation  for Vision-Based Driver Assistance

Robert Yang (J. Collins, M. Beckerleg)
Video-based Detection and Measurement of Pollen on Bees Entering a Beehive

Mostafa Nikpour (L. Huang)
State estimation from inertia measurements for mobile robots and UAVs

Key associates

Academic Staff

Dr. Andrew Ensor (AUT)

Prof. Enrico Haemmerle (AUT)

Dr. Tariq Khan (UoA)

Dr. S. Manoharan (UoA)

Dr. Radu Nicolescu (UoA)

Prof. Phillip Sallis (AUT)


Photo below: Staff, PhD students, and visitors during a joint lunch walk, 16 June 2015