Staff & PhD Students


Academic Staff

PhD Students (Supervisors)

Chris Burns (B. Bollard, A. Narayanan)
Utilising Deep Learning Frameworks to Map and Monitor Coral Reef Benthic Composition from Remote Sensing Imagery  

Rujia Chen (A. Narayanan, A. Ghobakhlou)
Musical Instrument Recognition from Spectrogram Images Using Convolution Neural Network

Kasun Gedara (W. Yan, M. Nguyen)
Computational Methods for Visual Blockchain in Intelligent Surveillance

Makelesi Gonelevu  (P. Nand, R. Lal)
Using Machine Learning to Predict Crop Yield  

Nam Huu Le (L. Huang, X. Li)
Coverage and Trajectory Planning of UAVs

Xiaoxu Liu (W. Yan, N. Kasabov)
Vehicle-Related Scene Understanding

Bo Ma (E. Lai, W. Yan)
Image Privacy Preservation

Jianchun Qi (M. Nguyen, W. Yan)
Garbage Classification Using Deep Learning

Manju Vallayil (P. Nand, W. Yan)
Applying Deep Learning for Large Scale Project Evaluation and Monitoring

Bingjie Xiao (W. Yan, M. Nguyen)
Fruits Ripeness Classification Using Deep Learning

Farah Younas (W. Yan, M. Usman)
Deep Learning Enabled Framework for Colorectal Polyp Classification 

Kun Zhao (M. Nguyen, J. Ruan)
New Deep Learning Models for Fruit Detection and Recognition