2015 News

PSIVT and IVCNZ at Auckland in 2015

In tune with summer breeze at the vestibule of the University of Auckland, the pomp and pageantry conferences were spanned a whole week in the commodious auditoriums of the Faculty of Engineering which were earmarked by the technologies of autonomous vehicles (@ the peak of Gartner’s 2015 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies), embedded computer vision, and robotic vine pruning. The prevailing technologies will ramp up CeRV’s collaborations in future.
URL: http://www.aut.ac.nz/study-at-aut/study-areas/computer-mathematical-sciences/news-and-events/events-folder/image-and-vision-computing-new-zealand-2015

China Visitor’s Talk at CeRV

Under the aegis of school’s international collaborative programme, CeRV collaborator Yanchang Xiao from China sojourned at Auckland for three months and dwelt on his undergoing research project titled “Building Detection in Natural Scenes Based on DRF” on 22 October 2015. The seminar rolled out his immense potential in cooperation with this vision based research hub.

Invited Speech at Wuhan University China

The sylvan and verdant garden campus rolling to littoral precinct of the scenic East Lake eyewitnessed Professor Klette’s speech in the Luojia Pulpit at the Sakura Old Library of this centennial University, the grand and august academic event has been inscribed on a bronze plaque bestowed for eternal commemoration. The revered and prestige forum named as the adjacent uphill mountain thrills global academicians and celebrities to enunciate their striking and memorable addresses at this higher education metro centre of the central China.
URL1: http://iss.whu.edu.cn/detail.html?id=3182 (in Chinese)
URL2: http://iss.whu.edu.cn/EnglishV/news-1.html?nid=29 (in English)

Dr Tao Fulfilled Her PhD Thesis in Vision

Dr Junli Tao will jubilate her graduation in the imminent rite at Auckland. Without amendments, the PhD thesis defended in multiple target tracking from University of Auckland has manifested the unparalleled superiority of the inaugural cohort of CeRV graduands. The festivity will have been staged for the graduate in vision.

DCT Showcase 2015

The contingent from AUT CeRV research centre showcased the latest progression in drone system and environmental surveillance in this year’s AUT research event. It was a very strong display of outstanding work, the Major of Auckland graced the pavilion, he epitomized the work and overtly uttered his affection towards the 3D visual reconstruction in the unveiled speech of this showcase.

Invited Talk at World Congress of Robotics

This world congress takes place 31 August to 2 September 2015 at Shenyang, China, under the theme  “Smart manufacturing, smart future”. Three Nobel Prize Laureates are presenting keynotes at the congress. – Professor Klette, Director of CeRV,  is invited to present a talk in Forum 1-2, dedicated to computer vision subjects.

Internship at Daimler A.G., Germany

Hsiang-Jen Chien, PhD student at CeRV, has been awarded a 6-months internship at Daimler A.G., Germany. He will be working in the group of Dr. Uwe Franke, a world-leader in vision-based driver assistance; algorithms developed by this group are the basis for Daimler’s stereo-camera-based safety systems that are commercially available in Mercedes Benz vehicles since 2013. This internship is part of long-term collaboration between CeRV members and Daimler A.G.

Akira Nakamura Award 2015

Akira Nakamura, professor emeritus of Hiroshima University, provides an annual award of 30,000 Japanese Yen for students involved in computer vision projects at CeRV.  This award goes to the student who is the first to forward to Professor Klette an email about an accepted paper (with being the leading author) at one of the leading annual computer vision conferences. If there is only a time difference of less than 1 hour between notifications, then the award is shared between notifying students.
For 2016, the relevant conferences are CVPR, ECCV, and ICPR.
The Akira Nakamura Award went in 2015 to Dongwei Liu for a paper at CAIP,  in 2014 to Mahdi Rezaei and Simon Hermann for papers at CVPR, to Ralf Haeusler in 2013 for a paper at CVPR, to Ralf Haeusler in 2012 for a paper at an ECCV workshop, to Mahdi Rezaei in 2011 for a paper at CAIP, and to Simon Hermann and Konstantin Schauwecker in 2010 for papers at PSIVT.

CeRV is established

Today, March 25, 2015, around 11.15am, the Centre for Robotics & Vision (CeRV) was born at AUT.
The research committee of the Design and Creative Technology faculty approved the centre. CeRV combines activities, for example at Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research, at the Geoinformatics Research Centre, and of the Environment Perception and Driver Assistance (.enpeda..) group, and initiates new research.

Congratulations to Simon

Simon Hermann had his PhD oral exam on this late Friday afternoon in Berlin at Humboldt University.
The committee agreed that the PhD degree (Dr. rer. nat.) should be awarded without any further

Simon gave a nice talk (30 min), and he had then to answer questions by 5 professors in the
following discussion, which went on for 70 minutes.

All the best, Dr. Simon Hermann

Walk this Saturday

For this Saturday, 17th of January 2015,  I am suggesting a joint walk for all interested at
Duder Regional Park:


For those interested: bring your friends or family, it’s a wonderful park.

We meet at 10.30 am at the parking lot of Duder Regional Park. We walk to the top
of the peninsula and have a lunch break there. Thus: be prepared for this picnic.
Then we walk back along the beaches and can have a swim at one of those
beaches: Thus: have your swim suit with you. This all may end then with a drink
or coffee at some place on our way back to Auckland.

I have 3 – 4 free seats in my car; start at 37 Kohimarama Road at 9.30 am.

Don’t forget sun blocker and a hat.