Vehicle Datasets

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The mask files below are ground truth semantic segmentation labels for tail lights and head lights on vehicles. They are grayscale PNG files where the pixel values correspond to:

0  background

1  head light left

2  head light right

3  tail light left

4  tail light right

Images have been labelled from publicly available datasets from Asia, Europe and North America. It includes a range of conditions from bright sunlight, to foggy and night time images. The mask files are grouped by the dataset to which their original image belongs. The entries in the first table are images, and the entries in the second table are videos. You can download the original images/videos from the links shown. Mask filenames correspond to the original image name, prefixed by ‘mask_’. If the original files were not PNG, then the extension has also been changed.

Dataset Original Images Masked Images Example image overlaid with mask
Berkeley link download
Cityscapes link download
Foggy link download
KITTI link download
DATMO link download
Wilddash link download
Dataset Original Videos Masked Videos Example frame overlaid with mask
Cityscapes link download
KITTI link download
DATMO link download
iRoads link download

More detailed information

  • Lights have been labelled on cars, busses, trucks and vans but NOT motorcycles or bicycles. This is because the original motivation for the dataset is to use pairs of vehicle lights for optical camera communication. Since motorcycles have only one light in each direction, there are no pairs. For the same reason, the central brake light on cars has not been labelled.
  • The lights on some distant vehicles have an extent of only a few pixels, which is comparable to blurring from motion, imperfect focussing or atmospheric distortion. These lights do not add useful information, so they have mostly not been labelled.
  • The tail light often consists of the brake light, reverse light, indicator and a passive reflective surface. If these components can be distinguished, then only the brake light has been labelled. However, in many cases it is impossible to accurately separate these components, in which case a best guess has been made. Similarly for headlights, where the distinction can be made, only the active component of the headlight has been labelled.
  • In foggy conditions, or at night if the camera is saturated, the light can “bloom” to appear much larger than its true size. In this case, a best guess has been made as to the true size and shape of the light.