2020 Seminars

All 2020 seminars will be listed here.

For time and location, please see at each individual seminar.

  • 16 January 2020 (10.00am, Thursday, WZ630) Yue Ding (CS, AUT) Topic on “Enhanced Reasoning and Learning Algorithms for General Game Playing”
  • In terms of reasoning techniques, Prolog and Proposition Network (PropNet) are two effective methods integrated in many GDL reasoners. As playing strategies, reinforcement learning (RL) (e.g. Q-Learning) is applied widely to predict long-term rewards and make selections. Additionally, deep neural networks trained by RL (DRL) is verified to be advisable in more general environments with less domain knowledge.
  • 16 January 2020 (13.00, Thursday, WZ630) Sagar Dake (CS, AUT) Topic on “Object Detection and Classification on 360-Degree Cameras Feed using Deep Learning”
  • The information about 2/3D data is necessary for navigation and control applications. In this research work, we have detected moving objects with the integration of additional prediction layers into the conventional YOLO v3 network. We increased the accuracy of blurry image or poor video quality from 360-degree cameras that detects the overlapped objects with insufficient quality input. Our initially proposed detector achieves 85.29% Mean Average Precision (MAP). We achieved this precision and accuracy based on the UA-DETRAC dataset of 360-degree video cameras by using various models.