CeRV Conferences

ISGV 2020 | International Symposium on Geometry and Vision (ISGV 2020)

ISGV is a conference that brings together academics and researchers working in the areas of digital geometry, graphics, image and video technologies, computer vision, and multimedia technologies. The best paper of this international symposium will be awarded as the Reinhard Klette Award to memorise Professor Reinhard Klette, the founding Director of CeRV centre.

ACPR 2019 | Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition (ACPR 2019)

ACPR is a premier level international conference that brings together researchers in pattern recognition and related fields.

AVSS 2018 | IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance (AVSS)

AVSS focuses on underlying theory, methods, systems, and applications of surveillance and invites submissions in areas listed below, especially cross-disciplinary and game-changing ones. AVSS is the premier annual international conference in the field of video and signal-based surveillance that brings together experts from academia, industry, and government to advance theories, methods, systems, and applications related to surveillance.

ICCAR 2018 | International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics

ICCAR conference features papers focusing on intelligent systems engineering, distributed intelligence systems, multi-level systems, intelligent control, multi-robot systems, cooperation and coordination of unmanned vehicle systems, etc. On the application side, it emphasizes autonomous systems, industrial robotic systems, multi-robot systems, aerial vehicles, underwater robots and sensor-based control.

PSIVT 2015 | Pacific Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology

PSIVT provides a forum for researchers to present the latest research and developments in image and video technology. Both academic and industrial research contributions are encouraged so as to stimulate discussion for the mutual benefit of both.

IVCNZ 2015 | Image and Vision Computing Conference New Zealand

IVCNZ is New Zealand’s premier academic conference on all aspects of computer vision, image processing, computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, visualisation, and HCI applications related to these fields..

CeRV research centre has established the Reinhard Klette Award in 2020 to remember Professor Klette’s contributions to digital geometry and computer vision. The award was named after Professor Klette for encouraging the novelty and creativity of these fields. Professor Reinhard Klette is the founding director of CeRV centre, he is a pioneer of computer vision.