Invited Talks

Wei Qi Yan. Visual Cryptography and Currency Security
Invited talk at Department of Mathematics of University of Auckland, February 2018, New Zealand

Reinhard Klette. Computer Vision Technology
Invited talk at Institute of Automation of Shandong Academy of Sciences, February 2018, China

Reinhard Klette. Deep Learning Acceleration of Progress in Computer Vision
Invited talk at Intentional School of Software of Wuhan University, November 2017, China

Reinhard Klette. Vision-based Driver Assistance Towards Autonomous Vehicles
Invited talk at Computer Science Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, January 2017, China

Wei Qi Yan.  Intelligent Navigation
Invited talk at Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) of Chinese Academy of Sciences, December 2016, China

Reinhard Klette. Progress and Challenges in Vision-based Driver Assistant Systems
Invited talk at Institute of Information Engineering (IIE) of Chinese Academy of Sciences, April 2016, China

Reinhard Klette. Smart Vehicles for Smart Cities
Invited talk at Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) of Chinese Academy of Sciences, April 2016, China

Reinhard Klette. Stereo Vision for Artistic Photo Rendering
Invited talk at Peking University, April 2016, China

Reinhard Klette. Concise Computer Vision
Invited talk at Forum of International School of Software,Wuhan University,September 2015, China

Reinhard Klette. Computer Vision for Driver Assistance
Invited talk at the 113-th Luojia Pulpit, Wuhan University, September 2015, China

Wei Qi Yan. Privacy Preservation of Social Media
Invited talk at Chinese Academy of Sciences, June 2015, China

Wei Qi Yan. Intelligent Surveillance
Invited talk at National University of Singapore, January 2015, Singapore

Wei Qi Yan. Visual Event Computing
Invited talk at Xi’an Jiaotong University, November 2014, China

Reinhard Klette. Monocular Computer Vision for Driver Assistance.
Invited talk at International Symposium on Intelligent Transportation Systems Research, Auckland, May 2014,  New Zealand

Wei Qi Yan. Intelligent Surveillance
Invited talk at Sun Yat-sen University, December 2013, China

Wei Qi Yan. Visual Cryptography and Its Applications
Invited talk at Sun Yat-sen University, November 2013, China

Wei Qi Yan. Analytics of Visual Cryptography
Invited talk at Chinese Academy of Sciences, October 2013, China

Reinhard Klette. Stereo and Motion Analysis
Invited talk at ICARCV, Guangzhou, December 2012, China

Reinhard Klette. Six Topics on Mobile Vision
Invited talk (co-authored by Gabriel Hartmann, Simon Hermann, Sandino Morales, Yi Zeng, and Hongmou Zhang) at ACCV workshop, Daejeon, November 2012, Korea

Wei Qi Yan. Visual Cryptography and Its Applications
Invited talk at Chinese Academy of Sciences, June 2012, China

Reinhard Klette. Stereo Analysis for Driver Assistance Systems
Invited talk at ICONIP, 25-28 November 2008, Auckland, New Zealand

Reinhard Klette. Evaluation of Stereo and Motion Techniques on Rectified Stereo Image Sequences
Invited talk at Statistical and Geometrical Approaches to Visual Motion Analysis, Dagstuhl, Germany, July 13-18, 2008

Reinhard Klette. Theory of Digital Manifolds and its Application to Medical Imaging
Invited Talk (co-authored by Valentin Brimkov, Gisela Klette, and Reneta Barneva)
VIP Image, October 17-19, 2007, Porto, Portugal

Reinhard Klette. Surface Curvature Extraction for 3D Image Analysis or Surface Rendering
Invited Talk (co-authored by John Rugis)
MIRU 2007, July 30 – August 1, Hiroshima, Japan

Reinhard Klette. Rubberband Algorithms for Solving Various 2D or 3D Shortest Path Problems
Plenary Talk of Track I (co-authored by Fajie Li)
Int. Conf. Computing – Theory and Applications
Platinum Jubilee of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata, India, March 5-7, 2007

Reinhard Klette. Combinations of Range Data and Panoramic Images – New Opportunities in 3D Scene Modeling –
Opening Keynote (co-authored by K. Scheibe)
Int. IEEE Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging and Vision
Beijing, China on July 26 – 29, 2005

Reinhard Klette. Stereo Imaging with Rotating Line Cameras
Invited talk [co-authored by F. Huang and S.-K. Wei (Taiwan)]
12th Workshop “Theoretical Foundations of Computer Vision” on “Imaging Beyond the Pinhole Camera”
June 2004, Dagstuhl/Germany

Reinhard Klette. Combinatorics on Adjacency Graphs and Incidence Pseudographs
Invited talk, 9th Int. Workshop on “Parallel and Combinatorial Image Analysis”
May 2003, Palermo/Italy

Reinhard Klette. Digital Topology for Multi-Level Images (pdf file, 1895K)
Invited talk, “Topology Workshop at CUNY”
23 March 2002, New York City/U.S.A. see: CITR-TR 101

Reinhard Klette. Digital Straightness (pdf file, 532K)
Opening plenary talk, 8th “Int. Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis”
23 August 2001, Philadelphia/U.S.A.
see: A. Rosenfeld, R. Klette: Digital Straightness.
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 46 (2001),
URL:, 32 pages

Reinhard Klette. Digital Geometry – The Birth of a new Discipline (pdf file, 553K)
Opening plenary talk, Workshop on “Computer Vision and Image Analysis To Commemorate Azriel Rosenfeld’s Career”
7 June 2001, University of Maryland at College Park/U.S.A.
see: R. Klette: Digital geometry – The birth of a new discipline.
Foundations of Image Understanding (L. S. Davis, ed), Kluwer, Amsterdam (2001) 33-71.