2019 News

All news of 2019 will be listed here.

The Ambassador of Friendship

Professor Klette has been awarded to be an “Ambassador of Friendship of Shandong Province” and invited to attend the award ceremony to receive the high achievement certificate, issued by the governor of this province. During his time in China, Professor Klette attended the grand celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. Professor Klette is renowned for his significant contributions to the development of science and technology as well as to social progresses in Shandong province. His collaborations with the Shandong Academy of Sciences (SDAS) have been recognised as a world-class cooperation between China and New Zealand. At SDAS, in a newly built AI centre, a well-designated research lab space of about 250 square meters is waiting for the NZ collaborator to steer the voyage of mutually valuable collaborations.

Shandong Vice Governor Visited AUT

The vice governor of China’s Shandong Province visited the city campus of Auckland University of Technology (AUT) on September 17, 2019, attended a ceremony of signing an agreement about research collaboration and of unveiling the plaque of the Joint Research Laboratory between AUT and Shandong Academy of Sciences (SDAS) at AUT. The joint research laboratory is the first one of this kind agreed Labs established by AUT and China. The vice governor also launched the NZSD Innovation Forum which was held on the afternoon of the same day at AUT. Dr. Wei Qi Yan, the Director of AUT’s CeRV Centre, accompanied the delegation on their visit of AUT’s city campus and introduced in particular the new WZ building of the School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences along with showing its research facilities and equipment.

CeRV Team at Shandong Academy of Sciences China

Led by Professor Klette (FRSNZ), a team of CeRV academics were cooperating by teaching and research with the Shandong Academy of Sciences at Jinan, China. The lectures on computer vision and deep learning deepened the existing collaboration in postgraduate education with a focus on the state-of-the-art AI technologies. Shandong Academy of Sciences is developing leading research infrastructures in the areas of supercomputing, 5G communications and AI technologies, especially for applications connected with the development and operation of autonomous vehicles (in public transport or industry).

Qingdao International Academician Forum

Professor Klette (FRSNZ) was invited to attend the 3rd International Academician Forum which was held at Qingdao, Shandong, China. There have been 107 academicians and one Nobel laureate (Professor Nakamura, inventor of blue LED) attended this year’s forum. This was a meeting discussing opportunities at the established Qingdao International Academician’s Park (QIAP) which provides exceptional conditions for international collaboration in science and technology. Due to Professor Klette’s participation, the New Zealand Royal Society (RSNZ) is now also on the list of 50 international academies (documented by their logos on a wall in QIAP’s main building) which attended so far QIAP meetings at Qingdao. Professor Klette is a winner of Quancheng Friendship Award issued by the people’s government of Shandong province China.

GAC + Yuexiu Top-Level Delegates Visited CeRV

AUT’s CeRV welcomed a group of top-level delegates from the Guangzhou Automobile Group, Co. LTD (GAC) and Guangzhou Yuexiu Holding Limited, China. CeRV director Professor Klette, Professor Chong, the head of AUT’s IVT project group, A/Professor Yan, the Deputy Director of CeRV, members and students of CeRV met the chairmen from these two groups, introduced the latest research and developments at CeRV in autonomous vehicles and international collaborations as well as the forthcoming ACPR 2019 at Auckland for the visitors. Delegates from AT (Auckland Transport) and AUT’s Chinese Centre also participated at this meeting.


Kickoff ACPR 2019

AUT’s CeRV released the Call for Papers for the Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition (ACPR 2019) which will be held at Auckland in November 2019. The local organisation committee of this significant conference is located at CeRV. Auckland will welcome experts in computer vision, pattern recognition, and related areas to join in for this large-scale conference. See https://www.acpr2019.org