Awards & Recognition


July 2018. Shereen Afifi. PhD Degree, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.


May 2018. Robert Yang. PhD Degree, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

April 2018. Noor Saleem. The Best Presentation Award, IEEE ICCAR 2018 (The 4th International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics), New Zealand.

February 2018. Reinhard Klette. Chief Scientist, Institute of Automation, Shandong Academy of Sciences, China.



December 2017. Reinhard Klette. Guest Professor, Wuhan University, China.

November 2017. Reinhard Klette. The Winner of Double-Hundred Talent Plan, Shandong Province, China.

November 2017. Jing Ma and Edmund Lai. The best paper award of IEEE M2VIP (24th International Conference on Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice), New Zealand.

November 2017. Hsiang-Jen Chien. PhD Degree, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

September 2017. Reinhard Klette. The Winner of Quancheng Friendship Award. Jinan, Shandong China.

August 2017. Noor Saleem. Hsiang-Jen Chien, Reinhard Klette. The best student paper award of CAIP 2017 (17th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns), Sweden.

August 2017. Minh Nguyen. Fellow of the HEA (Higher Education Academy).

July 2017. Reinhard Klette. The Helmholtz International Fellow Award 2017, German.

June 2017. Wei Qi Yan. Adjunct Professor (Renewed) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences China.

June 2017. Noor Saleem. The Akira Nakamura Award 2017.



November 2016. Martin Stommel. The best paper award of IVCNZ 2016 (Image and Vision Computing), New Zealand.

August 2016. Dongwei Liu. PhD Degree, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

August 2016. Haokun Geng. PhD Degree, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

July 2016. Hsiang-Jen (Johnny) Chien. The Akira Nakamura Award 2016.



August 2015. Junli Tao. PhD degree, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

May 2015. Dongwei Liu. The Akira Nakamura Award 2015.