2010 Technical Reports

[65] Crystal Valente and Reinhard Klette.Artistic Emulation – Filter Blending for Painterly Rendering

[64] Ruyi Jiang, Reinhard Klette, and Shigang Wang.Modeling of Unbounded Long-Range Drift in Visual Odometry

[63] Partha Bhowmick, Oishee Pal, and Reinhard Klette.A Linear-time Algorithm for the Generation of Random Digital Curves

[62] Simon Hermann and Tobi Vaudrey.The Gradient – A Powerful and Robust Cost Function for Stereo Matching

[61] Ralf Haeusler, Sandino Morales, Simon Hermann, and Reinhard Klette.Towards Benchmarking of Real-World Stereo Data

[60] Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette.Watchman, Safari, and Zookeeper Routes in a Simple Polygon with Rubberband Algorithms

[59] Reinhard Klette, Je Ahn, Haokun Geng, Ralf Haeusler, Simon Herman, Waqar Khan, Sathiamoorthy Manoharan, Sandino Morales, John Morris, Radu Nicolescu, FeiXiang Ren, James Russel, Konstantin Schauwecker, Crystal Valente, Xi Yang.Current Work in Multimedia Imaging at UoA’s Tamaki Campus

[58] Xi Yang and Reinhard Klette.Evaluation of Motion Analysis on Synthetic and Real-World Image Sequences

[57] Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette.Approximate Shortest Path Algorithms for Sequences of Pairwise Disjoint Simple Polygons

[56] Xiuxia Pan, Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette.Watchman Route in a Simple Polygon with a Rubberband Algorithm

[55] Ralf Haeusler and Reinhard Klette.Testing Stereo Data – Not the Matching Algorithms

[54] Reinhard Klette, Norbert Krüger, Tobi Vaudrey, Karl Pauwels, Marc van Hulle, Sandino Morales, Farid Kandil, Ralf Haeusler, Nicolas Pugeault, Clemens Rabe, and Markus Lappe.Performance of Correspondence Algorithms in Vision-Based Driver Assistance using EISATS

[53] Akira Nakamura.A Solution to the Animal Problem

[52] Fay Huang, Reinhard Klette, Yin-Wei Chang, and Tien-Ju Chi.Rotating Sensor-Matrix Camera Calibration