2018 Technical Reports

[106] Christopher J. Rapson, Boon-Chong Seet, M. Asif Naeem, Jeong Eun Lee, Mahmoud Al-Sarayreh, and Reinhard Klette. Reducing the Pain: A Novel Tool for Efficient Ground-Truth Labelling in Images.

[107] Mahmoud Al-Sarayreh, Marlon M. Reis, Wei Qi Yan, and Reinhard Klette. Deep Spectral-spatial Features of Snapshot Hyperspectral Images for Red-meat Classification.

[108] Mohammad Norouzifard, Arpita Dawda, Anmar Abdul-Rahman, Hamid GholamHosseini, and Reinhard Klette. Superpixel and Stereo Matching Optic Disc Segmentation for the Diagnosis of Glaucoma.

[109] Mohammad Norouzifard, Amin Abdollahi Dehkordi, Mohammad Naderi Dehkordi, Hamid Gholamhosseini, and Reinhard Klette. Unsupervised Optic Cup and Optic Disk Segmentation for Glaucoma Detection by ICICA.

[110] Amita Dhiman and Reinhard Klette. Identifying Potholes under Challenging Weather Conditions.

[111] Hongmou Zhang, Ines Ernst, Sergey Zuev, Anko Borner, Martin Knoche, and Reinhard Klette. Dependency of Odometry and 3D Point Cloud Quality on Lighting Conditions.

[112] Yuhong Zhu, Zahra Moayed, Barbara Bollard-Breen, Ashray Doshi, Jean Baptiste Ramond, and Reinhard Klette. Detection of Fairy Circles in UAV Images Using Deep Learning.

[113] Noor Haitham Saleem, Anthony Griffin, and Reinhard Klette. Monocular Stixels: A LIDAR-guided Approach.

[114] Mohammad Norouzifard, Ali Nemati, Hamid GholamHosseini, Reinhard Klette, Kouros Nouri-Mahdavi, and Siamak Yousefi. Automated Glaucoma Diagnosis Using Deep and Transfer Learning: Proposal of a System for Clinical Testing.