CeRV Projects

1. Robotics Systems

  • Vehicle Carried Road Texture Depth (RTD) Measurement System

The  system is  able to measure the RTD from the back of a moving vehicle with  speeds of up to 80 kp.h., on both wheel-paths and in-between  in a continuous fashion. and   produce  the  measurement results together with other relevant information  such as  the  GPS coordinates of the location of   measurement, vehicle speeds and road conditions in a standard format required by the client. It has been adopted by Fulton Hogan  in their road projects in New Zealand and Australia.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

The multi-rotor UAV system is designed  for the New Zealand environment with potential payload of 2kg.  The on-board   UAV controller  runs under the  embedded Linux OS with the supports of multiple sensors (IMU, vision sonar, laser scanner, GPS) , communication and  actuator driver modules.  It can be   reconfigured to cater for  the needs of different applications.  An indoor UAV  testing stand  is  designed for the  calibration of  sensors and   the test of  control algorithms.

  •  Monitoring New Zealand Native Bees — A Collaborative Approach using Image Analysis

This research is  focused on developing a simple and reliable method to monitor New Zealand’s native bees through  analysis of the images of the bees and their nests.

Project leader: A/Professor Loulin Huang

Participating staff and PhD /ME students: Dr John Collins, Dr Xuejun Li, Dr Robert Yang, Dr Barbara Bollard-Breen

2. Soft Robotics

Project leader: Dr. Martin Stommel 

3. Biomedical Imaging

Project leader: A/Professor Hamid Gholamhosseini 

Participating staff and PhD students: Dr Shereen Afifi, Dr Mohammad Norouzifard

4. Intelligent Surveillance

Project leader: A/Professor Wei Qi Yan 

Research staff and PhD students: Dr Jia Lu, Ms Xiaoxu Liu, Ms Sabeeha Mehtab, Ms Bingjie Xiao

5. Hyperspectral Imaging for Food Industry

Project leader: Dr  Marlon M.Reis (AgResearch) 

Research staff and PhD students:  Dr Wei Qi Yan, Dr Abhimanyu Singh 

6. Computer Vision on Portable Smart Devices

Project leader: Dr Minh Nguyen 

Participating staff and PhD students: Mr Huy Le, Ms Arpita Dawda

7. Deep Learning

Project leader: Wei Qi Yan

Participating staff and PhD students: Dr. Maryam Doborjeh, Dr Akbar Ghobakhlou, Dr Ji Ruan, Dr  Renu Choudhary, Professor Ajit Narayanan, Dr Sira Yongchareon, Professor Edmund Lai, 

8. Multimedia Signal Processing and Applications

Project leader: Professor Edmund Lai

Participating staff and PhD students: Dr Jing Ma, Dr Wei Qi Yan

9. Wireless Localisation and VANET

Project leader: Dr Xuejun Li

Participating staff and PhD students: Dr Chris Rapson, Dr  Xuejun Li, Prof. Peter Chong

10. Autonomous Vehicles

Project leader: Professor Yanqiang Li (Joint LAB between AUT & SDAS)

Participating staff and PhD students: Mr Y. Wang

11. Artificial Intelligence

Project leader: Professor Ajit Narayanan, Professor Albert Yeap

Participating staff and PhD students: Dr Ji Ruan

12. Cybersecurity Using AI

Project leader: Professor Ajit Narayanan

Participating staff and PhD students: Dr Bobby Yang, Dr Wei Qi Yan

13. Natural Language Processing

Project leader: Dr Parma Nand

Participating staff and PhD students:  Dr. Rivindu Perera, Dr Wei Qi Yan

14. Neuroinformatics and Its Applications

Project leader: Dr. Maryam Doborjeh

Participating staff and PhD students:  Ms. Xiaoxu Liu, Prof. Nikola Kasabov