Joining CeRV: Jobs, Offers, Applications

Please contact us if you are interested in the below research projects.

21 September 2023: Summer Internship (Lonrix Ltd, Hamilton)

17 September 2023: Summer Internship (Interpine Group Ltd)

17 May 2022:  Deep Learning Research Engineering (Link)

07 April 2022: Investigate Machine learning methods to solve computer vision problems (Zozo)

11 March 2022: Imaging scientist, Dat Doan (Link)

15 February 2022: Spatial & temporal time series analysis, New Zealand.

15 September 2021:  Callaghan grants for R&D students (3),  Northland Innovation Centre, New Zealand.

13 September 2021:  Lead Data Scientist, Peloria.

01 September 2021:  RA, Te Reo o te Pā Harakeke project.

23 August 2021:  Summer Internship – Extracting and Measuring 3D Tree, Interpine Group Ltd.

26 June 2021:  Masters Fellowship – Computer Vision + Data Analysis, Hectre, NZ

18 March 2021: Data science engineer, Exsurgo, NZ

09 March 2021: Specialist in deep/machine learning and computer vision for Callaghan career grant, Iris Data Science at Dunedin, NZ

18 February 2021: Post-Doctoral Fellow, The NZ Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour

19 November 2020:  A developer for license plate recognition, EyeGate Limited, NZ

13 November 2020:  Energy-optimal control scheme for mobile robotic platforms in offshore aquaculture, Blue Economy

16 October 2020:  Summer Internship Position, Callaghan Innovation R&D Experience funding, N3T, NZ

13 October 2020:  PhD studentship position, Vision Tracking With Re-detection Capabilities, Defence Technology Agency (DTA), NZ

14 August 2020: OpenCV-Based Vehicle Testing Project, Whangarei, N3T, NZ

26 July 2020: A postdoc position for the project: “Development and Setup of a 24-hour Observation Video and Audio Monitoring System in Primate Enclosures in Zoo Environments”, NZ

23 July 2020 – : Reinhard Klette Postdoctoral Fellowship position, Shandong Academy of Sciences (Jinan), China

21 May 2020: A PhD studentship position available at AgResearch, NZ

13 April 2020 – : Reinhard Klette PhD Scholarship, Shandong Academy of Sciences (Jinan), China

29 Jan 2020: A PhD studentship position available at AgResearch, NZ

10 Jan 2020: A postdoctoral or visiting position at Shandong Academy of Sciences (Jinan), China

30 Oct 2019: 1 Part-time Research Assistant in AI/ML, Zyetric Tech, NZ

7 Mar 2019: A postdoctoral position at Shandong Academy of Sciences (Jinan), China

7 Mar 2019: An internship position at AgResearch (Hamilton), NZ

22 Jan 2019: A PhD studentship position at Palmerston North (URL), NZ

14 Jan 2019: A PhD studentship position for the Orchard Management Project, NZ

14 Nov 2017: A summer Internship at NIWA, Auckland

26 Feb 2017: An internship position at Daimler A.G., Germany

15 Feb 2017: A Research Assistantship Position in Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland

14 Feb 2017: Scholarships at Wuhan University China are available

28 Nov 2016: A Summer RA Position in Hamilton is available

15 Nov 2016: Summer Research Assistantship (RA) Positions are available

14 July 2016: Masters Scholarship: Temporal and Spatial Pattern Extraction from Low to High Quality Videos

16 June 2016: CeRV is looking for PhD students who are interested in Cancer Cell Classification.

05 May 2016: Exchange visitors between AUT and China.

26 April 2016: CeRV is looking for research students who are interested in Multimedia Signal Processing and Applications.

01 Feb 2016: CeRV is looking for research students who are interested in NZ food security using imaging technologies.

15 Jan 2016: Internship 2016 for PhD students in Chinese Academy of Sciences China.

For becoming an MSc, ME, or PhD student at CeRV, see the information available on the AUT website, especially the page on PhD and Research degrees at AUT, and contact one of the academic staff members of CeRV for becoming your masters thesis or PhD supervisor.

For student scholarship information, see the AUT website. Interested students from China may apply for a CSC scholarship (China Scholarship Council.) , Reinhard Klette Scholarship, or Reinhard Klette Postdoctoral Fellowship  from the Shandong Academy of Sciences, Jinan Shandong, China. Shanxi Agricultural University (SXAU) would like to provide a scholarship for the joint programme students to pursue their PhD degrees with AUT.

The Centre for Robotics & Vision (CeRV) was born on March 2015 with Auckland University of Technology (AUT) at Auckland New Zealand. CeRV devotes to computer vision and robotics, inherits the activities from the Environment Perception and Driver Assistance (.enpeda..) group, and initiates new research in stereo vision, intelligent surveillance, deep learning, AR and VR, soft robots, digital image and video technology, multimedia computing and applications, etc. We envision and engage in the new technologies for the changing world.


Wei Qi Yan

Director of CeRV, AUT