Joining CeRV: jobs, offers, applications

Please contact us if you are interested in CeRV research projects.

14 Nov 2017: Summer Internship at NIWA, Auckland.

26 Feb 2017: Internship at Daimler A.G., Germany.

15 Feb 2017: Research Assistantship Positions in Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland.

14 Feb 2017: Scholarships at Wuhan University China are available.

28 Nov 2016: A Summer RA Position in Hamilton is available.

15 Nov 2016: Summer Research Assistantship (RA) Positions are available.

14 July 2016: Masters Scholarship: Temporal and Spatial Pattern Extraction from Low to High Quality Videos (Link)

16 June 2016: CeRV is looking for PhD students who are interested in Cancer Cell Classification.

05 May 2016: Exchange visitors between AUT and China.

26 April 2016: CeRV is looking for research students who are interested in Multimedia Signal Processing and Applications.

01 Feb 2016: CeRV is looking for research students who are interested in NZ food security using imaging technologies.

15 Jan 2016: Internship 2016 for PhD students in Chinese Academy of Sciences China.


For becoming an MSc, ME, or PhD student at CeRV, see the information available on the AUT website, especially the page on PhD and Research degrees at AUT, and contact one of the academic staff members of CeRV for becoming your master thesis or PhD supervisor.

For student scholarship information, see the AUT website. Interested students from China may apply for a CSC scholarship (China Scholarship Council.).

For visiting CeRV, contact a member of CeRV for possible arrangements. CeRV hosts visiting researchers (e.g. visiting PhD students or sabbatical visitors who come with their own support), but early notice is of benefit for ensuring availability of office space.

For attending CeRV research seminars, just come and attend; those are public. Conferences organised by CeRV staff (e.g. PSIVT 2015)  require typically a payment of a conference fee.

Akira Nakamura Award. Akira Nakamura, an emeritus professor of Hiroshima University, provides an annual award of 30,000 Japanese Yen for students involved in computer vision projects at CeRV.  This award goes to the student who is the first to forward to Professor Klette an email about an accepted paper (with being the leading author) at one of the leading annual computer vision conferences. If there is only a time difference of less than 1 hour between notifications, then the award is shared between notifying students. For 2017, the relevant conferences are CVPR, ICCV, CAIP, PSIVT, and ACPR (main conferences or workshops).


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